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Decatur Island, Washington

Ride into the sunset

Early last week, Chris (the guy whose house I’m staying in), says his friend on a nearby island is going crab fishing on Sunday morning, and asks me if I want to go and help. Seeing as I’ve never been crab fishing, and am up for an adventure, I happily accept. Pete (the other WWOOFer) declines as he wants some time to himself. Saturday afternoon, Chris and I talk about the island while looking at the satellite view of Google Maps, and he starts talking about “There is my beach house, there is my sailboat, my dinghy, and truck, my friend’s house… ” Then I say, “Wait a minute, why don’t we just take your speedboat out today instead of tomorrow morning, and stay the night on the island? He says, “Oh, okay, let’s do that”. Read the rest of this entry