Hiking Mt. Baldy

At the summit – 10,064ft

I got a short notice call from a friend saying he’s going to be hiking Mt. Baldy with a group of people that is training to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro for a fundraiser (Challenged Athletes Foundation). Seeing as how we just got back from Utah a few days before, and feeling great after lots of hiking there, I decided to join them. Why not, right?

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My trip to Arches National Park, Utah

Climbing the arches

Always on a journey to travel and explore, I joined my hiking/camping friends (and others from a Meetup.com group) in a trip to Arches National Park in Utah. This trip would consist of 5 days and 4 nights of camping (May 3-7, 2012).

Seven of us met up at the local Park & Ride, and started off on the 12-hour trip, with few stops. Interestingly enough, we stopped at a random gas station, and met some people who were in town from New York to support their daughter in the Ironman race occuring that weekend. I later found out we had stopped in St. George, which is supposed to be a great qualifier for the Ironman championship in Kona, HI. Read the rest of this entry



We all know how crucial water is to life, right? (right?) Many of us are buying bottled water as our main source of drinking water, yet we have water in our tap for nearly free. The only problem is, the tap water, although tested for bacteria & pathogens, is not free from toxic chemicals and pollutants. Read the rest of this entry

Paleo Brownies

I’m often asked what I miss since eating more consciously (and Paleo). If anything, I miss the convenience and abundance of “food” (I put food in quotes since I don’t believe fast food and packaged/processed/manufactured foods are actually food). Now, having a bit of a sweet tooth, I do miss having chocolate. In fact, I’m still a sucker for good chocolate (though my will power is strong enough to resist manufactured chocolate). Read the rest of this entry

Holistic dentistry

I listened to another very informative podcast by Dr. Lauren Noel on BlogTalkRadio.com.  This was probably one of the most informative podcasts I’ve listened to.  This podcast is about holistic dentistry, and how to properly care for and treat your dental health.  You can download this podcast in MP3 format, or you can listen on iTunes.  I highly recommend listening to this.  Pass this along to your friends and share the knowledge (remember, sharing is caring). Read the rest of this entry

Hot Air Ballooning Over The Temecula Wine Vineyards

Getting the balloon ready

I got a call from my cousin asking if I’d like to join her and her boyfriend hot air ballooning in Temecula. That’s actually something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, so of course I’m up for the adventure!

We were on our way to Temecula – wine country of Southern California – early in the morning, before sunrise. Read the rest of this entry

Skydiving from 18,000ft

Skydiving from 198,000ft

It’s always seemed to me that one of Man’s greatest thrills and challenges would be to experience the feeling of freefall and flying – maybe there’s something about pushing life to the boundaries to see how far one can go, or feeling the sensation and cheating death. For me, skydiving has been on my Life List for several years, and now I’m finally going to do it. Read the rest of this entry