Decatur Island, Washington

Ride into the sunset

Early last week, Chris (the guy whose house I’m staying in), says his friend on a nearby island is going crab fishing on Sunday morning, and asks me if I want to go and help. Seeing as I’ve never been crab fishing, and am up for an adventure, I happily accept. Pete (the other WWOOFer) declines as he wants some time to himself. Saturday afternoon, Chris and I talk about the island while looking at the satellite view of Google Maps, and he starts talking about “There is my beach house, there is my sailboat, my dinghy, and truck, my friend’s house… ” Then I say, “Wait a minute, why don’t we just take your speedboat out today instead of tomorrow morning, and stay the night on the island? He says, “Oh, okay, let’s do that”.

So we pack up a few things, connect the speedboat to the truck, and off we go to launch before the sun sets. Once we get to the dock, we set off, literally into the sunset, and the ride was such a peaceful, meditative thrill. All I could do was smile, and say to myself, “This is my life. Awesome.”

Once we got to the island, we moored the speedboat, loaded up into the dinghy, and rowed to the shore. “Welcome to paradise”, I thought to myself. His house is right on the water, with a big deck looking out into the ocean.

After having a snack, we go to sleep, and I wake up in the middle of the night from having a fantastic dream. I had a dream I went to the moon, and while on the moon, I was flying (more like swimming through the air). That felt more free than the two dreams I had of flying.

The next morning, we got up, and planned for the day. Chris’s friend would come by around 9am, and I would head out with him. Andy, the fisherman, looks very much like the stereotypical fisherman, and has the sailors mouth to match. Very nice guy though. We head out into the water, and stop by each of the three locations where he has crab cages, and I haul them up. It was a bit heavy, pulling them up about 50 feet. He showed me the difference between able and female Dungeness crabs, and said we only keep the males over 6.25″ (fishing rule).

After collecting all 3 cages, we get back to the shore and prepare for cooking freshly caught crab. Andy’s trick is to put the crabs in a (gigantic) pot, fill with the sea water, bring to a boil, dump the crabs, wait for it to boil again, then wait 16 minutes. After that, rinse and enjoy. And enjoy we did! They were some tasty, tasty crabs! We saved many as Andy takes them to different people around town, and we saved a lot for ourselves.

Later in the morning, Chris takes me on a tour around the island, then we go blackberry picking near a hippy dump truck. I guess that’s the special spot on the he island, even blackberries grow seemingly everywhere in Washington.

Once we get back to the beach house, I go off an a hike and explore the island some more. This place really is beautiful. Remote, peaceful… such an incredible experience. We then get ready to leave as it’s getting late in the afternoon, and we want to be back before sunset. Also, there is an annual event called the Oyster Run, where bikers come from all over to Anacortes on that Sunday, and we wanted to avoid the traffic from them.

That was that weekend, which was an amazing adventure!


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