Annular solar eclipse

This was pretty exciting to see the May 20, 2012 solar eclipse, especially after watching the lunar eclipse back in December 2011. This was a full Ring of Fire solar eclipse (though from Southern California, we didn’t get to see the full ring), which is part of a series of events that’s supposed to take place this year. The first being this solar eclipse – which is also the alignment of the sun, moon, earth, and the Pleiades constellation. The second is supposed to be the transit of Venus across the sun.

Several of us got together for a walk to the local park to stand on the hill to watch the eclipse. There were already a few people there – some already set up with a telescope and a card, others (us) with homemade pinhole viewers. It was nice to see someone with a telescope so we can get a better view of the occuring eclipse.

It was actually really nice to get together with so many other people and neighbors at the park, there seemed to be a big sense of community. Lots of people were talking together, laughing, sharing stories, telescopes, eclipse viewers (some people had special eclipse glasses – which look like 3D glasses – and they were great for viewing the eclipse directly).

I was able to get some good pictures through one of the telescopes as they had a special filter on it. You can see the sun spots in some of the pictures.

So, this event was supposedly predicted in the Mayan calendar, as well as in a crop circle. This is the crop circle that talks about the solar eclipse and events to come. From what I understand, the center shows the annular eclipse (May 20, 2012), the 16 feathers represent 16 days, which 16 days from May 20 is June 5 – the date of the transit of Venus over the sun. The eclipse is also positioned in an egg, which from what I understand is to represent an egg, which is representative of the Mayan number of “zero”, though I don’t know the significance of it.

Interesting stuff! Keep an eye out on June 5, 2012 for the transit of Venus. Here is a map of where it will be visible.



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